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Spread the Love for these Chihuahuas Puppies.


Wagsalot Chihuahuas was established in 1984 by Liz Van Ooyen and maintains a very high-quality service to all her clients, even long after your puppy leaves to his or her new home. Wagsalot Chihuahuas are from a long line of very healthy, good looking ancestry but are NOT REGISTERED. Wagsalot puts a written 5yr health guarantee an all their puppies and promises to help all their clients with any problem that may arise with raising these little dogs from potty training.,Leash training, barking and much more. Just normal puppy issues but in a smaller package. Deposits on puppies are non-refundable unless puppy/puppies start having serious health issues or death before they leave here, to their new homes.

Wagsalot Chihuahuas raise both long and short coats. Also “Tiny” “T Cup” Sizes ranging from 2lbs to 4lb range. Wagsalot has a variety of sizes including a few larger pups but usually, the average one being around the 5lb range and some under 5lbs. The larger pups work out best for people that want a hardier puppy for their children or for dogs that can handle a good walk without having to be picked up after a block.

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