wagsalotchihuahuas.ca and wagsalotchihuahuas.com running the new site

Spread the Love for these Chihuahuas Puppies.

Please feel free to share any of our pages on social media. With the new wagsalotchihuahuas.com site, there are many more features for you to enjoy.

We would love pictures or videos of the dogs you bought from us. Email me and I will provide the details on how to get you precious Chihuahua on the site.

Thank You for visiting the new site.

3 Replies to “wagsalotchihuahuas.ca and wagsalotchihuahuas.com running the new site”

  1. Liz is a wonderful breeder. She always around if you need her for anything. She loves her babies and takes good care of them..

  2. I can’t say enough about Liz. I have been to many breeders before and none of them love and take care of their dogs better than Liz. We went there for one and ended up getting another one of her older retired dogs.

    Every time we go to visit our puppy, we want to take home another as they are well groomed and behave well. She has some of the grandparents and they are all in good health.

    She answers all our questions and says we can visit our puppy any time we want. All we have to do is give her a heads up.

    Not many breeders offer a warranty on their dogs and if they do it’s not 5 years.

  3. I bought 3 pups from Liz. Her pups are just pure quality. Great with my 3 kids. Loving and amazing additions to our family

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